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Launched in August 2012, Lottie™ is a new, innovative fashion doll for girls aged 3- 9. Since her debut, Lottie has won 12 awards in the USA and UK, generated international press coverage and been the beneficiary of positive parent blogger reviews and international press coverage. Lottie is fun and educational; an affordable, aspirational ‘pro girl’ doll. Lottie™ loves using her imagination and going on adventures, she’s not perfect and she makes mistakes but she learns from them. Lottie has lots of dressable fun; her clothes are bright, vibrant colours and tactile fabrics. Her hair is saran nylon which is less likely to knot and is silky to the touch. Lottie is flexible, poseable; indeed she can stand on her own two feet – a life skill that is important for girls both big and small. Lottie’s motto is Be Bold Be Brave Be You. With a height of 7 inches (18cm), each doll is presented in a super cute, collectible illustrated doll box bag.